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Qalam Qirtas holds a variety of activities throughout the years which are related to literature, culture, sports, recreation and social welfare in the area. This way people from all walks of life participate in our programs from time to time.


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     Welcome to Qalam Qirtas.....

Qalam Qirtas is a community based,  a non profit renown organization. It was basically a literary circle of like minded friends which emerged as an organization to provide the youth of area with a sound platform to grow and develop their personality through participating in creative and recreational activities.  Initially the circle started a monthly first ever magazine in the district, namely "Monthly Justaju." Very soon it felt a dire need of recreational activities which could involve the youth in positive activities and save them from negative activates prevailed in the society.


Jash-n-Azadi Badminton tournament was the first effort in this connection which was started in in 1990s for the first time and then it continued to be held every year in the month of august and became one of the major sports and entertainment event as well an icon of independence celebration in the area. Gradually this event having its closing ceremony held at the nights of 14th August every year, included gymnastic show, Karate and Music show. In June 1998, this circle established Qalam Qirtas to broaden the horizon of the activities. Fortnightly literary sitting at its office was a new activity which soon became a very popular among educated circles of the town and suburban cities. These sittings had two sessions, Prose & critical works reading and Mushairah. It brought all the poets and prose writers on a single platform where they could share their literary and creative works.


Music section was also established very soon which also hunted the talent of the local professional and armature singers under one roof. Very soon Qalam Qirtas introduced other traditional and national sports event like heavy stone lifting, Gatka and Karate in the form of competitions from time to time. Social welfare wing also started. It started holding seminars, walks and charity collection activities. Qalam Qirtas took active part in rehabilitation activates in the earthquake hit areas in 2005.  Now Qalam Qirtas aims to expand its activities to improve educational resources and environmental protection and awareness about human rights in the area. Qalam Qirtas has always been in constant interaction with the government, the private institutions, other NGOs and community-based organizations. We have this way set a new trend of doing social work in collaboration in order to make a strong network of volunteers and social organization in the area.


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  • Muhammad Hanif     (Patron-in-Chief)
  • Muhammad Shabir   (President)
  • Wajid Naeem    (Secretary General)
  • Zubair Anjam    (Director Sports & Culture)
  • Sajid Khan Kakoo    (Director Social Welfare)
  • Aqeel-ur-Rehman (Vice-President & Media Incharge)
  • Zulfiqar Ali (Liaison Officer)
  • Zia-ur-Rehman (Director Event Management)
  • Nisar Naz (Media Coordinator )

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Qalam Qirtas is going to hold Eid Mella on the 2nd day of Eid-ul-Azha, in which famous singers of Hazara will perform their best music and many more itmes of entertainment will be part of the program.                                                                                                                                                                         QQ is going to launch www.khalabat.com a very informative website about all importanct things in and about KTS

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Vision   Mission   Objectives

Qalam Qirtas  envisions a well educated, civilized and developed society where everyone can live peacefully.

Our mission is to bring positive change in the our society through knowledge, Advocacy,, education, literary & cultural activities

Providing creative, recreational and developing activities to the youth and strengthening efforts to build healthy environment in the area

Contact: azlanshabir@gmail.com

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